We serve you

Since the year 2002 the company Wilfried Scholz Unternehmensberatung serves their clients with business development, human resources + training and project management. In these more than 10 years we assisted our international clients to found their branch office or self owned enterprise in Germany. For them we found the best general managers and sales teams. Together we have developed business plans and made them work, we found partners and customers. When can we start doing this for you?


Sometimes it is important to have more than our own core competence in a service team. Then we coordinate and cooperate with team members from the legal and tax industry as well as those from real estate and IT service to make your plans work.

We love to be challenged

We encounter tough situations and tight timelines, together with big expectations from our clients. This is a situation we love, because then we can show our ability to serve better than average. When can we do this for you?